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Blaupunkt bordsradio

Postat: 17 april 2017, 20:05
av Henke1965

Någon som har en snygg, fungerande, Blaupunkt bordsradio till salu?

Re: Blaupunkt bordsradio

Postat: 5 juli 2017, 11:55
av hennogous
Hi Henke,

I have a Blaupunkt Riviera 2643 that is in pretty good shape and sort of works. It spatters a bit after a while, and I think a few parts need changing.
2015-12-20 14.28.20.jpg
2015-12-20 14.28.20.jpg (463.73 KiB) Visad 2091 gånger
I haven't really thought about selling it, but I paid 1200kr for it, and I need to figure out whether I'm going to sell it or try to fix it. Would you be interested in it, and if so, how much would you offer?